Business Community Resilience Toolkit

  • Get your business ready for disasters
    Identify potential threats to your business and learn how to manage them.
  • Keep operating
    Receive tools and strategies to prepare and recover from all disruptions.
  • Strengthen your community
    Connect and learn from your local and regional peers and brainstorm solutions together.

Program modules released from 30 May 2022.

Online workshops delivered June 2022.

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This program is open to all business owners and operators operating within Livingstone Shire, QLD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit project?

The BCR Toolkit is a FREE online program for all businesses within the Livingstone Shire region in Queensland, to help prepare for future disasters and disruptions.

Funded by the Livingstone Shire Council, the BCR Toolkit program will open for registrations in April 2022, with the program running across four weeks in June 2022.

Each weekday in June, participants will receive a new module alert including two simple (yes or no) questions to answer and helpful tools relevant to building everyday business resilience.

Module topics are decided by a local steering committee to enable local business people in the region to prepare, connect and build resilience.

Who is eligible to take part?

Business owners, operators and employees within the Livingstone Shire Region in Queensland are eligible to participate.

There is no limit on the number of people from each business – we encourage multiple people from businesses to participate.

The program is relevant to all types of businesses, of all sizes and across any sector so long as you are trading in the Livingstone Shire region.

How long does the project run for?

The program opens for registration in the second half of April 2022.

Modules are released each weekday across four weeks starting 30 May 2022, and two online workshops will be held in June.

Registrations will remain open until the final module on 24 June 2022.

When you sign up, you can catch up on previous modules.

Who is leading the project?

corporate2community (C2C), a social enterprise focused on building disaster resilience is delivering the Livingstone Shire BCR Toolkit program.

C2C are experts in building resilient businesses, helping communities thrive and leading multi-stakeholder collaborations.

C2C works with local stakeholders to identify the most relevant risks and vulnerabilities in each region, and compiles content based on experiences working with communities before, during and after disasters.

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Toolkit Team

Catherine Thompson

Catherine Thompson
Project Lead
Mel Peverill

Mel Peverill
Project Co-ordinator
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Kerry McGarvie
Partnerships & Innovations Lead